AFTER 100 SPRINGS – The Rite of passage into performance

After 100 Springs
Collective art performance directed and choreographed by Cornelia Krafft
36 minutes
After 100 Springs invite

This performance was staged in Masrah Al Madina in Hamra, Beirut, on the 10th and 11th of February. I was assistant director through the last quarter of its 7-month production. Here is information taken off of its Facebook page:

After 100 Springs is a collective performance choreographed by Cornelia Krafft, and performed at 8 pm, on the 10th and 11th of February 2014, at Al-Madina Theatre.

The performance is based on Igor Stravinsky´s “The Rite of Spring”, and is in collaboration with Al-Madina Theatre, with the support of the Fine Arts and Art History Department, the Anis Makdisi Program in Literature, and the Faculty of Arts and Science of the
American University of Beirut.

After 100 Springs is performed in contribution to NGO “Unite Lebanon Youth Projects” (ULYP) that provides social empowerment by offering free recreational and educational programs annually to over 1000 young beneficiaries from underprivileged backgrounds living in Lebanon.

Tickets are free of charge; however, attendees are encouraged to make donations to ULYP at their booth at the theatre.

For reservation, please send an email to after100springs@gmail.com.

Direction & Choreography: Cornelia Krafft
Assistant Director: Saba Sadr

The Ensemble (by order of appearance): Christopher Rizkallah, Thea Hallak, Sidra Salahieh, Mayssa Jallad, Mira Mohammadieh, Edwina Nassar, Caroline Haddad, Noura El Turk, Carla Saad, Hadi Aridi, Zeina Kazimi, Lea Cortas, Khaled Al Abed & Caroline Haddad.

Costume Team: Lynn Atme, Sanaá Mouhaidli, Lara Saab
Stage & Light Team: Ismail Hoteit, Thea Khoury
Graphic Design: Afifeh Abou Chaar

Ticketing: Joy Sarah Arab, Hadi Damien

Photo Documentation: Alia Haju, Christian Moussa
Video Documentation: Farah Chaya, Ghayth Tahtah

Production Consultant/Media Coordinator: Hadi Damien

A 100 years after the famous première of Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”, the world is more than ever in need for the SUN TO RETURN!

The original performance of “The Rite of Spring“ was a collaboration between Igor Stravinsky and Vaslav Nijinsky in Paris, in May 1913, just before the beginning of World War I.

This artistic piece stands as a model of total commitment towards the final and collective goal of sacrifice. – Yet, how many more sacrifices do we need…?

There are some wonderful things done with the event poster, which \folds into a pamphlet, designed by Afifeh Abou Chaar. Since every bit is precious and I genuinely miss this performance, production and every cast and crew member, I will post a bit of the poster from now on. It will be my way of exorcising my want of working in a production for now.

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