Please, read this and consider helping in one or more ways

The following is an email I received two days ago, with the approaching deadline of a crowdfunding project to reconstruct an old library in Tripoli, Lebanon, which was burned down in early January. I invite everyone to read it and give the time that they can to help the individual behind this.
Dear Saba,
I’m sure you’ve heard, or read, Tripoli’s Library and 2nd largest library in Lebanon, was torched on January 3 in an overnight act of violence, where 25,000+ of rare historical books and manuscripts were lost. While communities have come together, from Lebanon to the United States, to organize book drives to help restock the library, the library needs financial support to be rebuilt and restocked with its rare collection.
Father Ibrahim Surouj, the owner of the library, is working in collaboration with Zoomaal (the Arab crowdfunding platform aimed at promoting Arab Creativity and Innovation) and Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum to raise a goal sum of $35,000, which will cover the cost to bring back the Library as it once was and better.
We have already raised $18,782 for the campaign to-date. With only 9 days left, the library’s campaign still needs to raise a little over $16,000 or the project is deemed unsuccessful and all pledged funds are returned to their contributors.
With this campaign, we are breaking the silence, and we need you whether a Lebanese, American, British, Chinese, etc. Help us rebuild culture and fight cultural terrorism everywhere.
Here is the link to support: http://zom.al/alsaehlibrary.
If you can’t support, forwarding this email to someone who could is as beneficial 🙂
كفانا صمتاً#
Abdallah Absi
CEO at Zoomaal
Global Shaper at World Economic Forum (Beirut)
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One thought on “Please, read this and consider helping in one or more ways

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    Apologies for the long wait. There really has been a lot to do lately! I will get back on track shortly, but in the mean time (somewhat outside the sphere of Intraweaving) please give some time and care to this renovation project, as its deadline to fulfillment is approaching and it is just close enough to make the cut!

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