From Intraweaving to Outerweavings: a brief introduction

I know, I know. I’m wearing out the whole weaving concept. And before this, I started up a Tumblr page called Fabricks: Weaving Thoughts from the Foundation Up…

Since the first announcement of a much needed brainstorming session (by myself), I realized all too quickly that I can’t squeeze in previous works into Intraweaving without cluttering it and losing track. Taking another bold step, I started this blog up for that very purpose… No, not to clutter it. Rather the opposite, I wish to organize my body of work.

SO, to start us off, I have here a painting that is close to The Loom (2013) when looking at colors and proportion. It is one of very few vertical pieces I have, interchangeably titled Pulse and Soil and Pulse of the Land (2009). This was an assignment given by my former painting teacher, Afaf Zurayk, in her advanced painting course at AUB. At the time, I was taking beginners painting. I wandered into the advanced class, and was welcomed by Afaf with handouts of a poem (to be found and linked here) and assignment details. I distinctly recall a pulse, and reference to a landscape in the piece. I walked around campus, collecting dirt and soil on the way, before sitting for hours and just watching dirty, diluted paint roll down the canvas.

What I’d like to do with future posts is start off with details of the work before setting off into its description. Hypothetically speaking, I would also present a concept if there is one. Granting myself boundless freedom in my own blog, I believe I can come back to this painting when I do have a concept… or just ideas stemming from it. We’ll see soon enough.

Pulse and Soil/ Pulse of the Land
Acrylic, dirt, soil on canvas
50 x 175 cm
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